Foreigner looking for a Filipina

Here we are going to present the ones who are looking for a filipina. Just in case they agreed before. If there is no Data shown, it means the clients prefer to be anonymusly. It doesn't mean that there is no one who is interested. Actually 6 Foreigners from 39 - 67 years are looking for a Filipina. Our service is meant for those of you, who are seriously looking for a foreigner. Please respect this, and do not apply if you are just looking for a flink. Mary do our best to check each background of each foreigner who is seeking for a filipina wife and on the other hand we like to check the background of our Filipina women, who like to find a foreigner.

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Keep also in mind that this is a private service of Mary and Klaus. You can not just upload your pictures and join our network. We are not an online data base as other partner search services. We do all work manually and we do reject applicants if we don't have the "feeling" that everything is just fine. This way, we want to protect both, women and men for being scammed. So please take it serious.

German seeking for a filipina wife

This guy means it. If you are honest, fitting the description you could meat someone who changes your life.

He prefers to remain anonym until your first contact via Email.

Please contact us only, if you are the person described.


Anonymus, Germany born 1966

Josef is looking for a filipina wife

German seeking for a filipina wife

Hi is looking for:

A cheerful woman who loves me, Best Friend, honest, faithful, friendly, happy, good Heart, loving, Romantic, passionate, promise, understanding.

28 - 45 years old

Willing to share a life in Germany.


Josef born 1962, Germany

This is how Josef describes himself:

That's how I would describe myself! I am: Best Friend, honest, faithful, big Heart, friendly, One Man Woman, clean, reliable, passionate, loving, Romantic, understanding. I want to be your friend your man, am reliable, and good to my wife. I have serious intentions and want to marry my wife well. I speak a little English but I'm learning!

looking for a filipina

just make sure, that you used a proper email address of yours, and Mary and Klaus will take care of your application. Don't you worry, it is free for you of any charges. Just send a first contact email, describe yourself and ad a picture which show's you best.